Rivsalt BBQ Pro Kit

$134.99 $149.99
By Rivsalt

BBQ Pro kit will take your Barbecuing to a whole new level and wowing your guests. Perfect to use on gas and charcoal barbecues, in ovens or on electric, gas or induction stove tops. With two cooking surfaces made from high quality Himalayan salt, you've got plenty of space to cook a decent steak or two. 

Simply add oil to the salt block and slowly heat. You'll have a sizzling cooking surface in no time, that will season as it cooks, evenly grilling meat, fish, shellfish and vegetables. 

Or Shake things up by chilling the blocks in the fridge and serving sushi, fresh fruit or even ice cream. 

The BBQ pro comes with a metal tray to use on inductive stove tops and two large Himalayan salt blocks. 

Each salt block is 4.5cm thick, this thickness is important to ensure the blocks can withstand high temperatures without cracking. 

The ideal gift for the adventurous cook or Barbecue guru keen to trial new ways of cooking and flavouring food.