Stone Paper A4 Sketch Pad


Bit Safe A4 Sketch Pad is the one sketch pad that will outlast all others. Plan, design and create something without the worry of needing to be in a shaded area if it rains. These sketch pads are made from a special paper formulated entirely from stone. Yes you read that right! Stone! It's made using a mineral produced from limestone - Calcium Carbonate (CaC03) and combined with HDPE resin, making it a higher recyclable product than paper itself. Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3) is 16 million times more abundant than trees on earth.

Bit Safe Sketch pads are Waterproof, Fire Retardant, Tear Resistant and Antibacterial. Sure to withstand the most rugged treatment.Built for the rugged adventurist who likes to get the job done.


Size A4  Spiral bound

Blank pages