Dreamfarm Knibble

$19.03 $27.99

Dreamfarm Knibble allows you to take your cheese cutting to the next level with the Knibble. A non-stick cheese knife that can slice, spread and even fork your delicious nibbles. The ideal tool to add to your cheese platters. 

Knibbles clever barbed blade design creates air pockets to stop the cheese from sticking. Two little forks situated at the end of the blade is a forking brilliant idea for picking up your cubes of cheese or antipastos. The rounded top edge of the blade allows you to spread with ease without ripping up your bread and scrapes every last bit from plastic containers without scratching them. 


  • Length: 23cm / 9.1"
    Width: 4cm / 1.6"
  • Weight: .031kg / 0.07lb
  • Materials: Beechwood and Nylon

Care Instructions

Wooden handle not suitable for dishwasher. Hand wash only.

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