Kaweco Classic Fountain Pen - Black

By Kaweco

The Kaweco Classic Sport was born in 1911, and it's superb quality and design has been it's most enduring features. The Classic Sport is a lightweight and super reliable pen with an excellent vintage-meets-contemporary look.

The fountain pen is very compact -10.5cm in length capped, and it extends to 13.3cm with the cap posted, which ensures it sits comfortably in the hand. This fountain pen comes with a highly durable 23kt gold plated nib.

The Kaweco Classic fountain pens are refilled with standard international ink cartridges.


  • Fountain pen
  • 10.5cm (l) (capped), 13.3cm (l) (cap posted)
  • Refillable with standard international ink cartridges, such as Herbin or Kaweco
  • ABS plastic, gold-plated trim, 23kt Gold Plated nib
  • Designed & made in Germany