Texas BBQ Cookbook


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Step-by-step guide to delicious BBQ cooking with a Tex Mex influence.

When Swedish food critic Jonas Cramby travelled around the US he was so taken with the tex-Mex style of food he'd stick his head in restaurant kitchens to ask staff how exactly they cooked these amazing meals.

Now, in his gorgeous cookbook, Cramby shares the tips and techniques he has learned to create the tastiest barbeque food possible.

A texan barbeque means slow cooking at low temperatures and is the method used to create delicious, tender meat such as smoked pulled pork. Learn about grilling times, smoking temperatures and how to achieve perfect, super-juicy meat, even using cheap and chewy cuts. texas BBQ also includes mouth-watering side dishes - everything from grilled corn salad to a cheesy chile con queso.

Beautiful photographs and a simple step-by-step guide will have everyone perfecting the texan-style barbeque in no time!